Thursday, July 9, 2015

In search of America?

We're setting off on a Road Trip.  Cross country with Dan, Deke, Teddy and Avon Barksdale the pit bull.  Some commentary.  Some photos - maybe a video or two.  We just plan to record what we see, hear, and think along the way.

As a practical matter, this is a relocation.  Deke's moving to LA, and the van and dog have to get
there.  So we're using this as a chance to see a good bit of the country eye-to-eye.  Sharing the driving, listening to music and ball games, arguing politics and anything else that comes up.  How well we do the blog will depend on our inspiration, level of fatigue and availability of wi-fi along the way.

Mostly, this is for family, friends and for all of you that have ever heard that little voice saying "wouldn't it be fun to drive cross country?"  Maybe at the end of the trip you'll decide to do your own road trip, or finally stop listening to that little voice.

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