Friday, July 17, 2015

Dispatch from the front

I hope I’m not jinxing our luck by saying this, but so far this trip has been a snap.  No bad weather on the road, no traffic problems, no car trouble, no roachy hotels.  Of course, we’re not real demanding.  If the towels and sheets are clean and the AC works, it’s all good.  Meals so far have been free hotel breakfasts, sandwiches from the cooler and lots of barbecue.  Probably ought to sit down at a restaurant and have a salad before too much longer.  

The van is comfy for all of us – the driver and shotgun, the passenger in the lounge in the back, and Avon on his dog bed in the middle.  He’s a good traveler, happy to be walked every now and then, and happy to get back in the van where it’s not 90+ in the shade.  Which it has been everywhere along our route so far. 

He gets walks regularly because we set a two-hour max rule for the driver and we’re sticking to it.  That way no one gets tired.  And Avon gets to stretch his legs.  Then the road goes on forever.

We’re sticking to the basic route, but readjusting our stopovers to the schedule.  We just spent one night in Memphis, drove across Arkansas after Graceland and stayed near Fort Smith.  Friday we’re going to see the Oklahoma City memorial but then keep going to Amarillo, which makes the Saturday leg to Santa Fe easier. 

Wide open spaces.  Into Oklahoma on Friday morning.  Everywhere we’ve been is green and lush.  Rivers and lakes are full or overflowing.  Shame you can’t tilt the country to the left temporarily and let some of the overflow top off the western reservoirs.

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